General FAQs

Who travels with Active Road Trips?

People that want…
✓ Trips that are flexible and have lots of freedom
✓ to be active while traveling
✓ to eat healthy while traveling
✓ to save some money
✓ to explore some of the most amazing places on earth
✓ to meet other people with the same interests
✓ to stay focused and reach their personal goals
✓ to take the stress out of planning their trip
✓ to learn new things
✓ that want a different type of adventure
✓ that want to have a lot of fun!

Is it cheaper to travel on my own?

No. Once you add up all the cost of gas, rental car, equipment, healthy food, daily gym/yoga fees, the time you spend planning and getting lost, you also don’t get the motivation that you will get from traveling with people that have the same mindset as you. You’ll see why traveling with us makes sense.

Do i get any free time?

Yes. We arrange our trips so you can have as much free time as possible. There are times that it makes more sense to do something as a group but for the most part you get time to do your own thing.

How fit do i need to be?

We design these tours so you can go at your own pace. there is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to. If you want to go intense you can or If you want to take it slow thats fine to! One great benefit about traveling with us is your surrounded by people that also want to focus on traveling in a healthy way. It makes it much easier for you to reach your goal, If you have one.

Who are my traveling companions?

You will travel with people from all over the world that want to travel in a healthy way. Its a great way to make connections. Might even make future travel easier for you having these connections.

Am i required to do all the active activities?

Not at all! We arrange our trips to give you daily active activities. Its up to you if your want to participate. The beauty of our trips is by traveling with like minded people your more likely to succeed with your fitness goals but there is no pressure to do any activity you do not choose to do.

Booking FAQs

• I’m a solo traveler, Will i be charged extra?

NO! Many of our travelers are traveling alone. You will be paired up with someone of the same gender or have the option of paying a single supplement

Can i pay for my trip in payments?

Yes. When you first book you only have to pay a 10% deposit. We accept payments of any amount, at anytime, as long as your final payment is done 30 days before your departure date.

How do i reserve a space?

Pick the trip you want to travel on and pay the 10% deposit to hold your seat. It’s that easy!

When is a trip confirmed to depart?

Once a trip has reached it’s minimum amount of passengers. Most trips are a minimum of 6 people with a max of 12. It’s wise to make a deposit on a trip early as they will fill up fast. Once you make a deposit you will always be updated on the status of your trip in real time.

Do you offer private departures?

Yes. Groups of friends, Work Colleagues, Yoga Studios/Gyms, Families,  Whoever, Give us a shout.

When do i pay for optional activities?

You pay for them while your on the trip. The main exception is Alcatraz prison in San Francisco. This must be booked well in advance. Ask us before you book it and we can tell you the best times to visit.

I have a few extra days in USA or Canada, Can you help me with tips on what to do before and after my trip?

Yes, We know North America very well! If you are in need of information on places to visit or anything else before or after your trip, We will gladly help you out with our knowledge and resources.

Do i need travel insurance?

Yes. Medical insurance is required on all of our trips. This will be checked the first day of the tour by your guide. If you do not have insurance already check out our Insurance Page. Cancellation insurance is recommended but not mandatory.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Yes. You have to be at least 18 years old to participate on our trips unless you go on a private departure date.

Camping Trip FAQs

What if i haven’t camped before?

No worries! We making camping simple. We use very comfortable air mats that are filled with air & down feathers! We believe that after a long day of playing you should rest comfortably! On the first day your guide will show you how to use all of the camping equipment. Don’t forget all the camping trips also have nights in hotels!

Do i need to bring any camping equipment?

The only thing you need to bring is your sleeping bag & personal head torch/flashlight. We provide the tents, sleeping mats, cooking & kitchen supplies, camp lights, coolers, other various necessities. If you do not have a sleeping bag let us know before and we can arrange for you to buy one.

What facilities are at the campsites?

Our 20+ years of experience we have learned which campgrounds are the best. We use a variety. Some are situated in National Parks with limited resources and some have swimming pools, laundry and other amenities. All campsites have working toilets, washrooms, showers (a handful are pay showers).

Various FAQs

What type of transport do we travel in?

We travel in 15 passengers vans with a trailer for the luggage and equipment. (max 12 people per trip) Majority of our trips will have wifi in the van. Vans include multiple plugins so you can charge your cameras, phones & various electronics.

• What is the food like?

Our camping trips are group participation cooking.  We work with local farmers to help supplement our healthy pre-planned menus with fresh local produce. We try to accommodate all diets. Hotel tours we visit healthy places not junk fast food places or we point you in the right direction!

• Do you have any questions?

Give us a shout via Social Media. This section is always a work in progress!


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